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Shirley Livesay
Back Pain

I suffer from back pain due to a chronic injury from being hit by a car, and find that many pain creams do not work. However, I was amazed when the pain decreased substantially after using this product. I used it for a headache that Panadol just wouldn’t fix, I rubbed it on my neck and temples and the headache eventually disappeared, within about 10 minutes I noticed a difference.

“I tried the product Soodox for many types of pain, and was very pleased with the result each time.”

My daughter also used it for pain during her menstrual cycle, she rubbed it on her tummy and lower back. The pain she was suffering went away completely.

I attended a Kokoda trek event, where our team ran for 34 kms through rugged bushland. I took my Soodox with me, as I was one of the support crew that would check the participants for injuries and treat them. At the last check point, many of the members in our team were suffering from muscle pain and strain from the sub zero temperatures that evening, and were struggling to complete the trek.

I rubbed the affected areas with Soodox and within 15 minutes they were up and running again, and told me that the pain had subsided greatly.

I can highly recommend this product.

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