Take the Soodox™ for Women Challenge with us

Long gone are the days of unhealthy lifestyles and poor nutrition. These days, gyms memberships are highly sought after by women and men alike and doing a quick Google search on topics such as healthy diets or fitness tips will produce thousands of results. However, what happens when joint pain and muscular pain stop you from being active? This is where Soodox™ Pain Relief Cream comes into play.


A sprained ankle is all it takes sometimes. Your daily routine is accompanied by pain and not much seems to be helping. Soodox™ was developed over two years to create a product that not only provides temporary relief but also smells nice and rubs in well.

Why Soodox™ for Women?

The reality is that women are more likely to suffer from joint pain than men. A number of factors contributes to this disparity; women are more inclined to have conditions that cause joint pain, experience hormonal fluctuations and may not be physiologically equipped to deal with pain.

The response: Soodox™ for Women, a pain relief cream dedicated to women that contains only natural, active ingredients and can be used anytime, anywhere. This cream not only comes with a nice odour but also targets all the pains women experience throughout their life.

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Soodox™ for Women contains 100% natural, active ingredients that provide temporary relief of period pain, joint pain, muscular pain and mild conditions associated with arthritis and rheumatism. It is available as a single pack, twin pack and triple pack and can be purchased online and at selected pharmacies.

Are you ready to take the Soodox™ for Women Challenge with us?


Purchase any tube of Soodox™ for Women and use it for thirty days. If you are unsatisfied with the results, we give you a full refund*.



Soodox™ for Women is an Australian 100% natural Pain Relief Cream that provides temporary relief of menstrual pain, mild arthritis, muscular and joint pain. It is also available in the original unisex formula which comes with a light, pleasant fragrance.

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* Refund will be based on the product variation and doesn’t include the postage fee.

Always read the label and only use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.