Soodox™ Pain Relief Cream may aid Seniors

Your quality of life in retirement is important... don't let mild joint pain or aching muscles reduce your mobility and slow you down!

You deserve your retirement and the chance to travel or relax and perhaps see the family a bit more. And you don't want muscle pain or joint soreness interfering with your mobility or your quality of life!

Soodox™ is Australian designed and made and specially formulated so it may provide temporary relief of mild  conditions, joint and muscular pain. It's inexpensive, non-greasy, virtually odour-free, and a breeze to use. Plus, its active ingredients are 100% naturally sourced. Soodox™ is available in pharmacies or online for delivery right to your front door.

Specially formulated
Soodox™ pain relief cream is non-greasy, easy to apply and contains only naturally sourced active ingredients. That means Soodox™ is not messy to use and it's active ingredients can be applied where they're required. Soodox™ pain relief cream is soft and gentle to the touch.

Virtually odour-free and easy to use
Soodox pain relief cream is smooth and easy to apply and does not produce the sensation of heat on the skin. Not only that, using virtually odour-free Soodox™ gives you the confidence to assist your joint and muscular pain anywhere, anytime during the day or night! Now that's peace of mind... using Soodox™ at home, shopping or out with friends doesn't mean smelling like a football change-room!

Fast, easy ordering
Soodox pain relief cream can soon be ordered from the comfort of your own home and delivered to your front door. That means convenience plus saving time... why bother with public transport or parking and competing with traffic when you don't have to? Gram-for-gram cheaper than its major competitors, your next order of Soodox™ can be made easily online now.

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