Soodox™ contains ingredients that may assist peripheral circulation and have a long history of use in western herbal medicine for the relief of joint pain and inflammation.

The multiple active formulation is designed to penetrate and sooth upon application, and is absorbed into the skin, to act on the muscles and joints.

The 100% Naturally sourced active ingredients per gram are :

  • Arnica Montana Extract, equivalent to fresh flowers - 50mg
  • Rosemary Oil - 60mg

Also contains preservatives:

  • Hydroxybenzoates
  • Imiduera

Soodox for Women, our 100% Naturally sourced active ingredients are combined in this product designed especially for Women, which has all the benefits of Soodox Original with the added relief from menstrual pain. It's formula is also tailored with a Light Fragrance, and contains additional ingredients:

  • Eucalyptus Oil - 4.58mg
  • Clary Sage Oil - 7.5mg
  • Lavender Oil - 15mg
  • Marjoram Oil Sweet - 7.5mg
  • Emu oil – 20mg
  • Juniper berry oil – 4.85mg